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Richie is a joy and a fantastic trapeze teacher. He came recommended by a friend and proved worthy of their esteem.

I love bringing my friends here to partake in the thrills of trapezing. Richie has set up his large acreage of a backyard into a phenomenal rig of platforms, nets and swings. Unlike the Trapeze School of New York (in Santa Monica) which is more 'get em up and out the door,' Richie's team cares about you and makes sure you have all the chances to get the lessons/technique right.

He and his team makes it a fun, rewarding and "soaring" (excuse the pun!) experience. Highly recommend to everyone young and old. You'll return to being a  kid here!


Richie and Terry are FREAGGIN STELLAR peeps! I would recommend them to ANYONE even considering something adventurous as this! They are patient, fun, welcoming, and professional!!!! All the students were very friendly and genuine as well! THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME, MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE!


Good lord, out of all the crazy things I've done so far this had to been the most nerve wrecking. You think after bungee jumping off bridges and leaping out of planes one would conquer their fear of heights. Yet here every time I climbed that latter my legs were shaky to the top. The girls at the top who spotted me would call me flappy pants. After the third time I wanted to quit but they kept going. I couldn't give up especially around other women. So I continued to go back up, each time we were told to do something different.

It is certainly a rush the entire time and awesome. The longest moments has to been when you are on that platform. But once you are swinging like a monkey it goes by quick. You are taught by a very good instructor and at all times safe. The pictures here do no justice, the platform of where you swing off is actually much higher than it looks. I strongly recommend taking the class. The class are scheduled for 2 hrs but it ended up being for 2 1/2 hrs.

You do get your moneys worth, by the end of the class you feel like superman. Never have I gotten the opportunity to fly as much and the cost is reasonable. I will admit days later my abdominal muscles were sore but its the good kinda feeling. Overall a great experience, truly a blast and the feeling of flying or falling is spectacular.

I've really wanted to try trapeze for a while, and this came up on Groupon with a really good deal. With the Groupon, for $42, I got about 90 minutes (though my class ran about 2-2.5 hours) of instruction in a group with Richie Gaona from the Flying Gaonas trapeze family.This guy knows how to teach and guide you. He is patient and kind-- and so is the whole staff. I guess that comes with being 4th generation and having done it since he was 5 years old! I'm totally returning very very very soon! And I'm bringing friends!


Richie rules! This is the first place I ever did trapeze, and is still the best. He was so patient in the first couple of months when my vertigo made it terrifying to get to the platform and take off. Now I can actually work the board and help other flyers. It's been awhile; I was in a car accident and also hurt my arm, but I really need to get back in the air! At one point I was taking 5 classes a week. I miss those times... hopefully again soon!
Also, the regular crowd at Richie's is so genuine and cool... I've made a lot of lifelong friends! He is truly a fantastic teacher. No BS, lots of encouragement and (4?) generations of experience *Son Alex; a catcher, makes 5*. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!


Keeping the 5-star streak alive! What an experience at Richie Gaona's Flying Trapeze! I fancied myself a bit of a bad ass. Until this! I've zip lined before and the height didn't bother me too much. But every time I got on the platform I started to hyperventilate just a little. Once you're in the air, it's awesome. I was on an adrenaline high well into the evening.

As everyone else has mentioned the staff is unbelievably kind and patient. Richie is stern, but not mean. And they all had nothing but words of encouragement when you finished. Even if it wasn't a perfect jump.

I had a goal of catching the bar after being released by Alex (Richie's 'easy-on-the-eyes' son). But it's hard to grab a bar mid air when your eyes are shut tight. I was with friends though who had never done this before and they looked awesome and were able to complete every task like a pro. So, now I HAVE to go back. Must Master The Bar!!!

Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for something fun, different, exciting...

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